Xez is one of The Ancients of Mumble. He is known for his sharp wit and his high fartitude.


Xez's ratings.


As one of The Ancients, Xez has been around since The Dawn Age & has seen many eras come and go. Xez is one of the most mysterious entities as several details regarding him are still top secret. Here is what we do know.


Xez is deeply & religiously invested in the actor Jackie Chan (born Chan Kong-sang, 陳港生). Xez defends Jackie's often mocked large nose and believes the story about his dog not recognizing him is the saddest tale ever told. Xez is proficient in Project M and has extensive knowledge on the pro Melee scene. Additionally, he has spent several hours watching professional Smash player Mango (born Joseph Marquez, 芒果) gamble his money away in online casinos. This causes Xez severe existential problems.

Xez has been known to allow his hair to grow to Zocano levels of length, much to his chagrin. He has also shown interest in martial arts & physical fitness and will surely increase his fighting capabilities in the upcoming years. He consumed a large amount of cheese during Christmas Cast 2014 and unfortunately disappointed his fans despite his best efforts. A favorite pastime of Xez's is compiling and chronicling lists. He has a list of his top 10 video games for every year since 2000.